Tips For Buying And Selling At A Pawnshop

Do you have an item that you are intending to sell, hoping for the best value to get from it? Or are you planning to buy a certain item, hoping to get the best out of a bargain? Well, here are some tips on buying and selling at a pawnshop.


Buying from a Pawnshop

There could be a lot of ways for you to buy an item from a pawnshop. You’re probably considering some that will get you the best deal and save money at the same time. While shopping online for discounts can be an excellent way to get the most mileage for your money, you might have never considered another way, which is shopping at a pawnshop.

While there are a million reasons why you should consider shopping in a pawnshop, there are also certain things to consider before doing so.

  1. Be aware of the pawnshop’s policies.

Some pawnshops can be shady and dodgy. Always inquire about their policy before you proceed to buy an item. Some pawnshops implement a “no cash back” policy wherein you may return something but you will get the amount that has been spent as a form of credit which can be used only in their stores. Other pawnshops may also have a return policy but the terms can be very limited. So, make sure to understand each shop’s policies before making a transaction.

  1. Find a well-established pawnshop.

It is essential to research or get feedback on a pawnshop before making a purchase. Read about reviews if available and find out why people are recommending it. It is also an advantage if they have already been in the business for a significant amount of time.

  1. Shop for legitimate items.

Buying at pawnshops may save you a lot of money but you also need to consider the items that they are selling. Some items that are good to be purchased in a pawnshop are: guns, jewelry, electronics, musical instruments, etc. You can definitely purchase these items for a good price (compared to their original retail price) and pawnshops offer a wide variety of these items. Keep in mind to check if every item is authentic before laying out your cash.


Selling at a Pawnshop

A pawn dealer will try to get your items for as little as possible. Bear in mind that the more you know about how it works, the better money you’ll get from selling your items.

  1. Be well-informed about the item you’re selling.

Make sure to do research about your item’s worth before selling it. Knowing what your item is worth will help you avoid having to sell it at a price way below its value.

  1. Shop around.

If you are trying to sell a piece of jewelry, visit some jewelry stores to get it appraised and take that record with you to the pawnshop. Even if a certain pawnshop has already offered what seems to be a really good price, shopping around opens you to more possibilities of getting the best value for your item.

  1. Don’t hesitate to negotiate.

Haggling is normal when you sell something in a pawnshop. If you think that this item should be worth more than the first offer, don’t hesitate to ask for more. Negotiating won’t hurt, anyway. If you play your cards right, the pawnshop might even agree to your terms and selling price.


If you are still not decided about which pawnshop to visit, check out A to Z Pawns. We have been in the business for 25 years, making it a place that you can trust when it comes to buying, selling, or securing a loan. We offer high quality pre-loved merchandise at the best prices and also do an honest assessment in order to offer the best price for an item you want to sell. We also offer instant cash loans from $20 to $10,000.

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How To Pawn Your Stuff Fast

Do you have old stuff at home that only add to the clutter and make your space even more cramped? Bought new things but don’t know where to place them because you don’t have enough space? More importantly, do you want fast cash out of old things you no longer need? Well, worry no more.

There’s only one place in Phoenix, Arizona that can solve your problem. A to Z Pawns, a premier and established pawnshop that provides only quality transactions, is waiting for your pre-loved items to be sold, traded, bought, or loaned. With 25 years of service, we are committed to offering a variety of services such as loaning, buying, selling, and trading items to customers who are in need of quick cash. By implementing a secure step-by-step process, every customer is assured of efficient, discreet, and quality service.

If you have kids who used to play musical instruments but have already moved out for college and you want to clear out some space, just bring the items to A to Z Pawns and get fast cash in return. Do you have old coins, bullions, and other precious metals and jewelry? Trade them off. Need to buy a new gadget but don’t have enough funds for it? Take your old one to A to Z Pawns and sell it. We accept tablets, laptops, video games, and other mobile devices. We also accept firearms and accessories, tools and equipment, and much more. Who knew you could squeeze fast money out of your old items that aren’t useful anymore?


Below are some services offered by A to Z Pawns:



Going to the store is like opening a secret treasure chest. A lot of affordable items which are slightly used or have never been used are waiting for you. These items are sometimes marked as collateral if they are un-redeemed within the agreed upon due date, thus giving A to Z Pawns rights over these pawned items.



As long as what you’re selling is a legally acquired item, the in-house item appraisal expert will inspect it and give you a price quote, and the cash value will be given to you right on the spot after signing some paperwork. There are lots of items you can sell to us for fast cash or to buy something else in our shop.



If you want to trade a currently owned item for another item, it is possible with A to Z Pawns. As long as it is up for sale and the resident appraisal expert determines the values involved in the trade, then you are guaranteed to go home with your new item.



Need instant cash? You can get a loan from A to Z Pawns — anywhere from $20 to $10,000 — if you put up your stuff (such as jewelry, precious metals, gadgets, firearms, musical instruments, etc.) as collateral. A to Z Pawns gives the lowest interest rates in Arizona which would help you pay off the loaned amount within 90 days.


The process is very simple and easy:

  1. Bring the item to the store.
  2. Let the in-house expert appraise the item.
  3. Sign some legal paperwork.
  4. Go home with your cash.


Fast and easy, right? A to Z Pawns is dedicated to serving and helping customers, from finding the best deals to extending loan due dates. Our staff is very friendly and accommodating and will answer and address any concern you might have. We are open on Mondays to Saturdays from 9 AM onwards.

So what are you waiting for? Look around your house, and start de-cluttering and sorting out your old stuff. Who knows, they could bring you fast and easy money if you bring them to A to Z Pawns.


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What To Expect When Pawning Your Jewelry Or Watches

Pawning is a business that’s actually more common than most people think, yet the details on its transactions can be quite vague for those who aren’t familiar with how pawnshops operate. There are lots of pawnbrokers and pawnshops offering opportunities for fast cash. From jewelry and watches to laptops, other electronic gadgets, and even musical instruments, you can pawn or hock whatever you have in exchange for money or to even get a loan on.

Now, pawning is basically exchanging your stuff for money. When it comes to jewelry or watches, you should be vigilant and careful with regards to price of your item, its rarity, and its current condition.

At A to Z Pawns, you can pawn all sorts of items as long as they have been legally acquired. Whenever you pawn an item, an in-house appraisal expert comes in to inspect your item and then offers you a price quotation for it. There are occasions when the appraisal expert “tests” the item that you brought in so that they will know if it’s genuine, usable, or of no use at all. Once the price has been agreed on by both parties (meaning you and the pawnbroker), you will then sign some paperwork and get the money on the spot.

Here are some things that you should expect whenever you are pawning your jewelry and/or watch:

  1. If you are pawning a used watch, don’t expect the price to be equal to or higher than how much you paid for it.

You can’t expect to pawn a watch that you have owned for, say, about 3 years and expect its price to be the same as 3 years ago. That doesn’t really happen under normal circumstances. Unless it’s very rare, the watchmaker has stopped producing that model, or it’s the only watch of its kind in the world, don’t expect a lot of money for it.

  1. Don’t ever claim that your fake jewelry or watches are genuine.

Remember, every pawnshop has appraisal experts who are skilled in determining if an item is real or counterfeit. At A to Z Pawns, our experts know what to look for and how to test or determine the authenticity of an item, whether it is a diamond necklace or a Rolex watch. So if you want to pawn a fake Rolex, get ready to be turned away once the appraisal expert inspects it. Maybe you can still pawn it, but don’t expect the price to be the same as that of a genuine Rolex.

  1. If you want to buy your pawned item back, expect its price to be a bit higher than how much you sold it for.

This is just the way that pawnshops profit from the business. But take heart: Though there is a markup from the buying price, the price is still better than buying the same item from an actual shop. Besides, some pawnshops like A to Z Pawns offer reasonable rates and lay-away plans to help you recover your pawned(sold) item(s).

  1. Be prepared to show some identification.

For valuable items like jewelry and watches, a pawnshop will ask you for some ID to ensure that what you’re pawning isn’t stolen goods. So, before going to a pawnshop, make sure to bring a government-issued ID with you, such as your passport and/or driver’s license.

Just follow these tips for a smooth, stress free and hassle free deal when pawning your stuff.

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Holiday Shopping at A to Z Pawns

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa — during the holiday season, the best place to go shopping for presents and gifts is a pawnshop or A to Z Pawns in particular. There are multiple reasons you should go gift-shopping in a pawnshop. A few of them are:


Lots of Items to Choose From

Your colleagues, friends, and relatives may have different tastes and interests. Your brother could be hooked on gaming consoles while your girlfriend may be an avid fan of vintage audio equipment. Looking for a gift for each one of them can take some time visiting different stores.

That is where a pawnshop comes in. The bigger the pawnshop, the more items you can choose from. Your choices can range from simple trinkets or jewelry to flashy antique telephones. One cannot even predict the types of items you can get! Pawnshops are treasure troves that are simply waiting to be discovered!


Enjoy Cheap, Inexpensive Bargains

You heard that right: Compared to department or specialty stores, pawnshops sell their items at a much cheaper price. You already know that aside from paying the full price of a new item in a regular retailer store, you will also pay for their additional hefty profit margin.

You can find some great items and deals at your local pawn shop. You can search pawn shop near me to get your closest pawn shop in your local area. And you do not need to worry about the “age” of the items you will get. Sometimes you can get brand-new items in a pawnshop, items in a like new or pre-loved condition that were slightly used.

Also, pawnshops are often not affected by the holiday season. They do not raise their prices; the opposite happens instead. They tend to sell items at bargain prices. On average, pawnshops sell their items 70% cheaper than retail stores. So you can pick up some great deals and buy stuff at bargain prices by visiting A to Z Pawns.


Get Instant Loans

One of the main reasons a pawn shop is around is to provide people with instant loans in exchange for goods. And during the holiday season, you can easily get strapped for cash. Or you might want some extra funds to get that one special gift for your beloved. Whatever the reason, a pawnshop is the answer to get fast cash easily.

On the other hand, you can use your items as collateral to get other items in a pawnshop. If there is something you want to purchase or get funds for, you can easily pawn your items to A to Z Pawns and we can help you get the funds you need. We have some of the lowest pawn rates in Arizona.

“Did you know? Pawn shop interest rates are regulated by the state of Arizona. Although most pawn shops charge the maximum interest rates allowed (37%), at A to Z Pawns we still charge the old rate of (22%) and offer some of the lowest interest rates in Arizona to help our customers in their time of need.” Originally found published on


A to Z Pawns can also provide pawn loans from $20 – $10,000 or even more. Contact us today to learn more on how we can help you with your loan or pawn.


Experience Much More Personal Service

Unlike big retail stores, pawnshops are more personable. The staff is friendly and polite to customers, and we always go the extra mile. You can also get recommendations from our staff. If you saw some jewelry in a shop but found it a bit dull-looking, you can request the shop to clean it. Some pawn shops even offer repair and customization.

If you do not like the gemstone on the necklace you found, you can request them to replace it. Of course, that will be only possible if they have replacements or spares or if you bought a replacement gemstone instead.


A Bonus Tip!

Take advantage of pawnshops after the holiday season! Since pawnshops get a lot of collateral and pawned items during the merry season, they tend to have more items than before — which means that they’ll price those items much cheaper than usual.

Also, there will be times that you will receive gifts that you do not like or need. And when that happens, it would be best to sell or trade that item to a pawnshop instead of letting it gather dust in your home.


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Looking For Money to Spend on Halloween? We Can Help You With That!

Halloween is just around the corner, and naturally, people are becoming Halloween-crazy — parties and events for this once-in-a-year celebration are now being planned and scheduled. People — especially kids — are all caught up in the excitement on preparing Halloween-themed meals, decoration ideas, and costumes both for the young and old for trick-or-treating.

While most people enjoy dressing up in unique costumes and sprucing up their homes with Halloween decorations, Halloween preparations can also be challenging, time-consuming, and expensive. Plus, some fancy Halloween items you wish to buy may be beyond your budget.

So, even if you wanted to throw the best Halloween party in your neighborhood and flaunt the best Halloween costume, the expenses for these can be pretty painful on the pocket.

But props that complement your Halloween costumes and decorations that can boost the Halloween ambiance are must-haves — so what can you do about it?

For those who are on a tight budget but would still want to celebrate the best Halloween party in their homes or offices, A to Z Pawns is the most reliable option when it comes to obtaining easy cash so you can buy your Halloween props, décor, and costumes —not to mention that the cash can be very useful, especially in times of emergencies. Other banks and lending companies or institutions would want you to submit tons of requirements (read: paperwork) and you’ll have to go through plenty of red tape before you can acquire fast cash funds, but with A to Z Pawns, the steps can be as easy as 1, 2, and 3!

A to Z Pawns offers a huge selection of both pre-loved and brand-new items ranging from guns, electronics, fine jewelry, musical instruments, tools, vintage coins, and antiques, as well as collectibles at affordable prices.

Not only does A to Z Pawns offer a huge variety of items which you can choose from, they also have different services that can cater to your immediate, needs such as:

  • Loans – Acquiring cash loans is easy and simple with A to Z Pawns. Want to buy Halloween costumes or decorations but don’t have cash on hand? Just bring your valuable items to us, let our experts appraise your items, fill out the necessary paperwork, and get your cash!
  • Selling Your Stuff – Got valuable items you no longer want or need? Bring them to A to Z Pawns for a quick expert appraisal and go home with a handful of dollars you weren’t even expecting.
  • Lay-away Plans – Saw something you want to use for Halloween in our store a few months back or did an item catch your interest but you don’t have the budget to pay for it in one go? The solution to that is to avail of a lay-away plan. A to Z Pawns offers a no-interest-rate lay-away program wherein you can make a down payment for an item you wish to buy —you just have to pay monthly installments after. Once fully paid, it’s yours to keep.
  • Trading – It works like the typical barter system but A to Z Pawns provides bigger opportunities for your items to be traded for bigger or newer items!

Spice up your Halloween with the help of A to Z Pawns. For inquiries, you may contact (602) 866-0980 or visit our website at


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A To Z Pawns Releases Statistical Breakdown Of Pawn Customers

The Phoenix-based pawnshop offers facts and figures about why customers patronize a pawn shop. The company has reached 25 years in service to Phoenix residents.

 — A to Z Pawns and Mike Stevens are pleased to announce the release of information about why customers choose a pawn shop for their short term financial needs. Money needs are no simple things, irrespective of the amount. The Phoenix firm is dedicated to providing honest, fair and fast services. The main reason why customers opt for pawn shops is to avoid the hassles and complications of a typical bank, especially in the face of a financial emergency. For a quarter-century, the company has prided itself on its infallible service and deals.

According to the A to Z Pawns blog, people give up their possessions for many reasons. Contrary to popular belief, the national average shows that less than 1 percent of items sold or pawned are stolen merchandise. Customers bring their personal unwanted or temporarily unneeded items to the shop to resolve their need for immediate or emergency cash. The valuation of the items can vary from a few dollars to large amounts.

Mike Stevens explained to an interviewer, “We have determined that over seventy percent of our customers redeem their loans. They have the option of pawning their items so that they may redeem them later. Only less than one-third of customers decide to sell their possessions outright. The presence of A to Z Pawns helps to bring the concept of short term loans to those in need of funds in Phoenix.

Customers who have items in their possession that they no longer want may decide to sell the item and be rid of it permanently. Those who are downsizing for various reasons, or who are de-cluttering before relocating can easily get cash to use for any reason. A pawn shop cash purchase alleviates the hassle of yard sales and the expense of classified advertising. Three out of ten customers elect to sell rather than to pawn. Originally seen published on

Learn more about the products A to Z Pawns carries, buys, sells and trades at or by visiting

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Are You Looking For a Used, Good Quality LED/LCD TV?


If You want to Buy or Sell a Good Quality LED/LCD TV, Check out A to Z Pawns in Phoenix

A television set is one of the essential appliances you can find in a home. It’s an excellent source of entertainment, aside from tablets, desktops, and smartphones. However, shopping for LED/LCD TVs can be daunting, especially if you’re on a budget. Good thing there are pawn shops that offer used but good quality TV’s for everyone. You can check out A to Z Pawns for second-hand appliances that you can trust.


What to Look for When Buying a Used LED TV

Over the years, television sets have been an essential part of many households around the globe. Despite the growing popularity of smartphones, laptops, and tablets where you can go online streaming, TVs remain a must-have appliance among homes. In fact, buying a high-quality TV monitor today has become a trend in the global market. This is why TV manufacturers and companies continue to make innovations in their products to provide ultimate viewing experience.

The most common parts you can find in an LED TV are HDMI ports, power cable, TV stand, remote control, screen/monitor, and other components included in the  packaging. But what are the exact things you need to consider when buying a used television set from your local pawnshop in Phoenix? The following are some of the important factors you need to keep in mind:

  • Condition, age, and size. Just like other appliances, when you buy newer and better quality item, the higher the cost you have to pay. It’s important to consider the age of an appliance to know it’s relevancy. Obviously, newer models come with better features that makes the price a little bit higher than the previous models.
  • Brand name. When it comes to electronics, the brand name influences the price tag. Popular TV brands that have the most expensive prices include Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, and LG.
  • The most common types of TV that you can avail today are Plasma, LED, and LCD. It’s important to consider this factor because each type provides different benefits. For instance, LED LCD offers the brightest light output, Plasma gives the best contrast ratio, but all of these types provide the highest refresh rates.
  • The newer the model you intend to buy, the better the features you will experience. For instance, high-end TV sets have Smart TV feature such as 3D. Be sure to check the features of the unit you want to buy before paying in the cashier.
  • The more accessories a TV unit includes in its package, the higher the value it has. The things you need to consider are remote control, TV stand, power cables, documentation, and the original box. For secondhand units, some would not provide all the accessories but it’s still important to check on these.


Don’t forget to do your research on the unit by asking important questions according to the above mentioned factors. This would help you guarantee that you are investing your money in the right product. After determining the quality of the television, you now need to deal with the price. You can always compare the prices of the units available to help you determine which TV set provides the best price without compromising the quality.



Whether you’ve decided to upgrade to the newest model of TV or just want to go off grid, it would help you save time and money by buying from a local pawn shop in Phoenix like A to Z Pawns. Yes, you can truly buy trustworthy appliances from a pawnshop. In fact, dealing with happy pawnbrokers provide excellent offers. For the best deals of used, good quality LCD/LED TVs, feel free to check out their website today.

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